General Information

  • Each individual product will be loaded with the relevant price, this being mentioned on the website, unless there may be errors (these being rectified as soon as possible).
  • The prices shown on this website do not include VAT or any added tax.
  • The prices shown do not include shipping costs, these will be calculated before the order is completed.
  • Information on the composition and instructions for cleaning and maintenance of the products can be found on the cardboard label attached to them, or in the product description on the website
  • These specifications differ depending on the type of material, the way of making or the type of product

    Order processing

    • Order processing can take between 24 hours and a maximum of 3 working days.
    • From the moment the order is processed, to the actual delivery, it can take between 5-7 working days. Time the product is being made for you.
    • When the products are made and ready for delivery we will place the order to the courier, so you will receive an email notification with the AWB of your parcel.
    • Delivery of an order on can take anywhere from 24 hours to 10 working days. This time is influenced by order capacity, holidays, days off, etc.


    • The delivery time of the products is between 24 hours (calculated after processing) and 5 working days.
    • There may be delays caused by courier companies.
    • There may be delays due to holidays, holidays, etc.
    • At the moment, the products are shipped only on the territory of Romania.
    • The parcels will be packed with protective films in cardboard boxes so that they can reach you without any problem.
    • CYCLEDERROR SRL is not responsible for the actions of courier companies.
    • Customers must convey any inconvenience/complaint related to the transport, to the transport company/courier, but also to us in order to be able to avoid cooperation in the future (in case the same problems are repeated)
    • CYCLEDERROR SRL does not have any official partnership with any transport/courier company.